Discount Coupon: levram20

The code above will be activated from today - June 21st, 2014 - for one month only.
In time, our products and the reviews will speak for themselves, but since we're new to the community here, I decided to launch a one time only 20% off discount code. The code will expire on July 21st, 2014. Simply add the products you want into your cart, checkout and you'll see the field for the coupon code. Apply the code and finish checking out.

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Don't miss out on being a customer. I like to launch games and lottery-style games, however I almost ALWAYS keep the games exclusive to people who have ordered from us at some point in time. So if you ordered in April and I decide to launch a 10 bottle giveaway in June, you're still in it. We ALWAYS take care of our customers. New blends, new products, trial products, lab rats, etc. We take care of our EXISTING customers, big time.