***Who are we and why should you order from www.Levram.us*** - Policies and Reasons

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    ***Who are we and why should you order from www.Levram.us*** - Policies and Reasons

    Why should you order from www.Levram.us ?

    Brewing Quality - The two guys brewing the Abaxen Pharmaceutical line are actually professionals who work in the pharmacological field, not some random guys who read guides off of the internet. All initial raws, new raw providers and occasional re-testing from regular suppliers are mass-spectrum analyzed before brewing.

    Pricing - I've spent countless hours comparing and averaging the prices of each compound of the top ten other sponsors on the website. Based off of the compound, dosage and size, I've matched the prices to either be the SAME or slightly cheaper than the competition. Although one of our compounds might appear more expensive, make sure you're comparing the dosage of other products. $60 EQ300 is NOT cheaper than $70 EQ400 when comparing the total dose you get.
    Also, our packages ship priority, we used tempered vials and our payment options are the cheapest.

    Security - Our website is encrypted and heavily secure, your information is never shared or sold and is encrypted from the time you register to the time we clear orders. Our security...If you've noticed from sources who've fallen, a big reason is their greed. These guys end up dealing locally in person or they stash thousands of vials in the states, in homes and around children. Our large brews are done OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Our raw materials NEVER come into the USA and our brewing NEVER is done in the USA. We brew LARGE vials at a time, outside of the states. The VAST MAJORITY of our stock is kept OUTSIDE of the USA. The friends we've established outside of the USA hold our large stock and send our shippers small quantities at a time to fill weekly orders. With NEVER bringing raws into the USA, NEVER storing huge, incriminating amounts in the USA and NEVER dealing AAS in person, we stay OFF of the radar and we steer clear of having large, attention grabbing amounts of AAS. Local has no reason for us, customs has nothing to do with us and who's going to go after 30 vial shipments? We're only as safe as our customers. We protect your information, we protect your shipments and we, most of all, protect ourselves.

    Speed - Our shipping guys have been doing this for a while now and we run extremely efficiently. Any products on the site available for checkout, are in stock. We never list anything that's not in stock, so the moment your payment clears, the package ships.

    Bored? Well, in-depth details below if you're bored.

    First - Who we are.
    You're injecting these products into your body. Do you want some meathead who's expertise exists in automechanics or construction, to be making products that you're consuming into your coveted, jacked, one-of-a-kind, swolen body!? I know I don't. I want some straight-A dork who's specialized, or at least related to, the field of chemistry, medicine or pharmacology AND bodybuilding.

    • We're three guys who met in grad school.
    • We're all slammed with student loan debt.
    • We're three nerds who shared three major things:

    1. A passion for health and fitness.
    2. A passion for AAS. The engineering prick has great genetics, the pharm guy and myself? Shit genetics. The world of AAS exposed us to new limits and possibilities for our bodybuilding goals.
    3. A SHITLOAD of student loan debt.

    • Three years ago we all met in our university's gym and ended up becoming pretty tight. Three testosterone-filled graduate program guys who with the goal of pounding out underclassmen sorority girls and making some money. Our passion for the gym and gear lead along with our nightmare loans at the time lead us to producing our own gear. The chem. engineering dork and the pharm. nerd are who test raws at their jobs and internships (low quality shit NEVER makes it into a vial) and I, the uber-cool marketing guy, am the one who does the promos, pricing, customer service, etc. etc. etc. etc.

    Second - Quality.
    Luckily, with two of our team having access to university facilities and employers with instruments for mass-spec analysis, we're able to test our raw materials and finished product before it gets to our customers. With the resources available on the internet these days for customers to lab test their products, we don't risk supplying bunk or underdosed products which could ruin us as a business. If you have any inquiries to results, please PM or e-mail us. The result display and content is specific to the school and instrument used, so we can't post them up in the open without implicating the specific facility that we use. Besides that, the two guys making your products are a professionals of the pharmaceutical field, not some guys who decided to read guides off of the net.

    Third - Speed.
    We're always working and one of us is always checking the encrypted database. When your payment comes in, we forward it to third-party fund receivers and then once they confirm, our shippers blast your package out. We run efficiently and you get your package fast.

    Fourth - Security.

    1. Although it's bad for this business, we're proud to say that the USA is EXTREMELY strict and it's easy for sources to fall to LE. Because of this, we NEVER brew inside the USA and we store 95% of stock outside of the USA. With NEVER bringing raws into the USA, we never have to worry about customs or a package being discovered by customs. This keeps us ultimately safer, as most busts originate from customs discoveries. We also don't store a lot of gear with our shippers, we replenish them every week from our out of country stock, making them very unappealing for a big expensive investigation. No raws = no discoveries = no investigations. No big stock in the USA = not worth the bust.
    2. The second biggest reason a source falls is because of local dealings - selling shit in person. I'm not out to knock anyone's hustle who orders and resells gear to their friends, but you simply cannot do that shit and have large amounts of stock. This is a big reason the sources go down. Some big internet source is greedy, needs to make that four bottle order in person and than gets looked into and they find out he has hundreds of packages with him every day. We don't do ANY local shit, the internet business is more than enough for us and ALL other sources. No local dealings = no local busts = you don't lose us.
    3. Our website is hosted off-shore and is heavily encrypted. Also, at your request, we can and will remove all order history after each order, if you prefer.

    Five - Integrity.

    1. It's rare, but if we mess something up, we fix it and we fix it fast. Our shippers take cell-phone pictures of the order content and the order before it gets packed, so I can call them out on anything missing or if a wrong product is shipped.
    2. We don't diss our competition. The internet is vast and the customers are plentiful. We couldn't handle all of the AAS business that exists online, so we have no reason to attack, discredit or steal from our competition. Slander from a business is the first red flag in dealing with a poor business and character.

    Most importantly? We want you guys JACKED AS *!#@ We make money off of repeat business. Why provide junk product for a one time sale? If we sell junk, we know you won't be back. But, if our products have you taking girls on ski trips down Mount Bicepius on your 21" arms, we know you're coming back and bringing all your drooling friends with you.

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