Just wanted to introduce myself. 27 years old, 6'1" 226lbs and ready for a change in life.I have been be diagnosed with low t and while researching it, I stumbled upon this site. I am in my third month of trt and have not seen a difference so I went back to my doctor last Friday. My doctor is a triathlon athlete and gave me a prescription for clenbuterol and she flat out told me I will not be able to get it filled in the United States but I might in Canada or Mexico. Didn't think that was very useful but whatever. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and get acquainted.

here is my protocol up until last week and we changed it.

1/2 cc test c every 10 days
50mg dhea 2x per day
armour 30mg 1x per day.

Same protocol except its 1cc every 7 days now.

original number was 7.2 before trt and she said I needed to be around 50 for my age.