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    $100.00 CONTEST - Held BY:

    CONTEST: A number has been chosen at random between 0 and 2000.
    the random number was picked from

    It's simple, guess the number and you win 100.00 worth of products

    There are 4 contests going on with a winning number picked from each site.
    Pick the winning number from two of the sites, you get 200.00, from 3 of the sites, 300.00 and so on.

    You have to enter each contest in/on those respective boards. All are excellent boards to join, so feel free to join up and take part of all the contests.

    1st Contest at
    2nd Contest at
    3rd Contest at
    4th Contest at

    You are only allowed to make 5 posts in the thread per day BUT the posts cannot be back-to-back. You MUST let at least one other member make a post before posting again.
    The person who guesses the number first wins
    If no one guesses the exact number, then the person closest to but not going over the number wins


    100.00 gift given at each of the 4 sites listed above
    all that is asked is that you make a comment in one of the truepeptide forums listed above about your experience

    In the meantime, You can take advantage of 50% off

    50% off the entire True Peptide store - use discount code 50off

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