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    Unhappy Starting Over

    I have a history of back problems. Surgery,epidural shots,therapy,lifetime use of pain killers. Anyways my back flared up about 8 months ago. I quit working out. I recently started lifting again. Holy shit I have never been this weak in my life. I still don't have the drive to get built again and my back still hurts everyday. Anyone have any tips or recommendations. I just turned 42 and it is depressing that I lost 15 years of training in 8 months.

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    Two words of encouragement my brother:


    You didnt loose 15 years. You have already built the foundation. Now continue to build on it.
    When I cam back from 2 surgeries and chemo I couldnt even do 1 dip. 4 months later I was using a dip belt with weight.
    A year later and I am close to what I could do in my 30's.

    Another thought: you might want to get checked for the bla27a gene if you are not getting satisfaction from your back treatments. You might not be getting the correct diagnosis.

    One more thing: NEVER GIVE UP! Good luck!

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