Hiya! Hoping I'm in the right spot.
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I've had some recent life changes that kicked in some serious lack of motivation. What is the best recommendation to give me a little more spark and help burn and build leaner.
Ephedrine used to work great for ME. A little intimidated asking questions so hopefully don't sound like a total dope.
I've been weight lifting since I was 15 and kept in the gym until this recent roller coaster of life. My goals? Lose a little, gain lean muscle. BIG BIG goal? Do a Figure Competition once I get my motivation back on track for that sort of training. I'm very serious in the gym and don't use housewife weights. When I get back in, I can get back to 15-20 pull ups pretty quickly. I am an Equestrian (Dressage and Jumping), so stay fairly muscled do to that, and "farm" strong from handling the feed bags and hay bales.
I'm rambling from nerves. Thank you for any input or re-direction.