About a week left before Ramadan starts, and I will be fasting for the entire month. This log will be to track my progress and document my findings. I have fasted for many, many years. Some years I gained weight (flab) some years I lost weight. Last year I went from roughly 220lbs to 200lbs during the month of Ramadan, I trained but didn't really track my diet or anything and was shocked at the results.

The goal this year is a recomp during this month. If you guys have followed my previous logs you know that I do not do anything in an "orderly" or "conventional" fashion, meaning what I say here in the start may change depending on how I feel. Nothing is written in stone except for the goal of building lean muscle and dropping unwanted fat.

My current stats are 5'5" and hovering around 185lbs. My current diet consists of 4 meals, 2000 cals at 200g of protein, 44g of fat, and 200g of carbs. Days that I have less carbs I have more fats and vice versa. This is up from the 1600 cals I was running during the contest. Currently my strength and stamina in the gym has sky rocketed since upping my cals and carbs. I am hitting set after set with the heavier weights I was using before the cut. Also my muscle fullness and vascularity has gone up. I'm being complimented, asked questions, and envied a bit.

Goal during Ramadan is to have 3-4 meals, the eating window is very short. Therefore before sunrise, I will have a small meal with high protein and moderate carbs with an additional shake. Then at Iftar (sunset) I will have a larger meal consisting of a decent amount of carbs. I will then workout a couple hours later and then have a shake before bed. The two shakes alone are 600 cals, therefore I believe I can keep my intake close to what it is at now between 1800 to 2000 cals at 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats.

My training style may shift slightly to a strength training type of workouts. I will probably do some cardio a few times a week. Currently I am doing alot of sets of compound movements and then incorporating a number of isolation exercises, I may stick to that I'll see it's a bro split that I have ran for years.

Will post pics soon of myself as well as foods, etc. Thanks to anyone who follows.

Disclaimer: I am not here to argue religion or politics, etc. Yes, I am Muslim and have my own beliefs. So please respect my beliefs as I respect yours and keep any comments regarding these subjects to yourself. This is a log not the place and time for that type of thing. Thank you.