Any of you Jew bastards watching that new show on FX Tyrant? All kidding aside it is pretty damn good. I am subbed big time as they say. It's more than just arabs terrorizing people, and dictators ass raping there sons fiances the night of the wedding. So much more. Where else can I watch women being treated like the filth that they are...(allegedly)...Where else can I watch 10 year old boys pissing there pants when their dad gives them a gun to shoot someone? It's the Godfather conflict of the Middle East. (Spoiler Alert!) The only negg is the son happens to be gay. You find that out when the men are shaving each other in the ceremonial steam room bachelor party. Gotta be some homodramatics for them ratings right?? Oh and the acting is G2G as well.

3.5 stars out of 5 (It would have got 4 if not for that homo crap)