Going to be going through PSL for my journey to the XPC Arnold Bench Qualifier... Excited. PSL and I have communicated quite a few times over recent months and I find him to be a stand up guy. I hope this log works out and our adventure together proves to be pleasurable for all the followers.

This journey will be rough, making it to the Arnold Classic will be one hell of an achievement and one that I for sure can accomplish. I will get to compete with the best. I am not too happy that it will be bench only, but I must be patient. The rest will come with time, dedication, and hard work.

Speaking of time. Remember that OLD ASS LOG I had in the training section entitled my quest for a 450+lbs bench? It took me 4 years... that is right 4 years to accomplish that... Now I am 470lbs+ bencher.
Dedicate yourself, find your passion, and WORK.