And in the beginning there was ROID .....This is the story of a American Hero.

I haven't had a gym membership in 3 years. I've allowed myself to become utterly pathetic and unworthy of the ROID legacy.

~This will be a realistic journey. Minimum 30 weeks if not a whole year.

~There will not be massive amounts of gear.

~I will not use 20 different compounds.

~I will not have meals planned out for me by some food Nazi.

~I will not follow some self proclaimed 'guru' workout plan or schedule.

~I will overcome my shame and post pictures of my weak shell of a body before the weekend is over.

~I will post weight and measurements by 6/29.

Today's Agenda:

1. Obtain gym membership

2. Acquisition of gym attire.

This is 100% a true story.