Started 100mcg of cjc1295 and ghrp2 today. I am currently 233lbs and have been dieting for a few weeks. I do a 4 day workout split for now and will try and be as detailed as I can without logging here every single day. Will post pics when I hit 220ish.

What I am currently using:

500mg Omnadren
400mg Bayer Primo
3.6iu Genotropin
1mg Adex mon,wed,fri
25mcg t3
75mcg t4
100mcg cjc and ghrp2

I will be waking and pinning the peptides and waiting 30min to eat anything. I normally do this with gh anyways so it's not a big deal. During this time I do have a BCAA shake that has 5g BCAA, Green Vibrance and 2 tbsp ACV. Second pin of peps will be normally at 1pm which is 3hrs after my last meal and 1hr before the next. The third pin will be at around 5pm which is also 3hrs post meal and also pre workout on week days. PWO I will pin my whole dose of 3.6ius of Genos and may do a 4th shot of peps pre bed.

Today is a leg day and here is what I will be eating.

Meal 1: 4oz Chicken, 1 cup Oatmeal mixed with 4 TBSP Grits OR Cream Rice

Meal 2: 4oz Chicken, 1.5 cup Rice, 1/4 cup Raisins, 2oz greens (broccolli, green beans, cabbage, lettuce etc)

Meal 3: 8 egg whites (1.75 cups), 5g Leucine, 1.5 cup Rice, 2oz greens (broccolli, green beans, cabbage, lettuce etc)

Meal 4: 4oz Chicken, 5g Leucine, 10oz Potato (sweet OR red),

Meal 5: 4oz Chicken, 1 scoop Cellucor Whey, 3/4 cup Oats

Middle Night: 10g BCAA with 16oz water