Let's kick this shit off AMA style since the last contest turned out to be a dud. No one wants to look at another mans nuts around here lol. We want some fine ass women in bikinis, tops and bottoms optional. Its summer time and the livin's easy so show me somethin sleazy. We want pics of REAL women that YOU personally know. Ex, wife, gf, friend, fuck buddy, we don't give a shit. No lame ass Internet pics. That shits boring and won't count for shit. We want the real deal. If you can get her or them to hold a sign with your screen name and or an AMA product(s), that's more points for you. The winner will receive $100 store credit and if you're a VIP and win you can tac on another fitty to that. So start sweet talking and posting up those pics. This contest will end next Tuesday. With the holiday this weekend it should be easy as fuck once they get liquored up.