Alright Guys,
I am three weeks into a cycle that I started, using Euro-pharmacies products. I started using items from Uncle Z that I myself purchased. I was talking to a PSL rep about doing a sponsored log for them and because of unforeseen delays (mostly on my part) I decided to just do a short cycle without a log. Two weeks in I received a pack from PSL. After talking with the reps we decided to do a log after all. Starting tomorrow I will be documenting the last three weeks until I am up to date and then will be posting several times a week on several boards. I have noticed the threads recently concerning another logger and his "problems" I have no comments on that issue and ask that anyone please leave me and my log out of it. I'm going to be honest and do this with an open mind. PSL and I have no affiliations other than we talked and they offered to sponsor this log. I have nothing to gain from them (other than the freebies for this log) so expect a truthful and fair log using the E.P. line. If anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free to do so, but lets keep personal opinions to a minimum. Any questions for me, ask here or PM if need be. I am very excited to do this and hope things go well. Workout plans and doses will follow tomorrow, diet plans will follow as I am still trying dial that in. Also I will be giving some information about myself and training/cycle experience. Thanks for your support and OL friendships, best of luck to everyone in their training and goals!!!