AbaXen Tren/Test/Mast Review

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    AbaXen Tren/Test/Mast Review

    I am now on my fifth day of Abaxen Tren Acetate and third day of Test Enanthate and Mast Prop. I will say this for all three products, very smooth through a 25g 1.5" needle and completely pip free. The Tren was alot stronger than inticipated and had to lowered for the first three days from the dose i was currently using from a different source to just .6ml of Abaxen. The sides from it seemed to change also. I find i am getting better sleep at night but more sweating all around.. Since adding the Test E and Mast P just three days ago i want to give it another few days before i give a review on those just to be sure i am giving a fair review to everyone.. My initial impression is that they will both prove to be just as impressive as the Tren A.
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