I've been back into westside conjugate training for 2 months now, after 4 months of progressive training. What I miss about progressive is the mental aspect of knowing what weight I had to hit on the exact same movement I did a couple of days before. I could zone in for days, each plate I shoveled away, each hard pull at the water bottle, each extra hour of sleep I could get was there to add 5 pounds to my next 3-5RM.

2 months into conjugate, I finding myself missing ME lifts almost every session, and the toll on my nervous system is getting bad. Last night I woke up every 30 minutes all night, after missing two attempts on raw max effort squats against chains earlier in the day, and I'm pretty much in a daze today. I set a decent PR on the prior set that I made before the miss, but still, I failed on an extra 10 pounds. A week prior, I missed a max squat triple.

How the hell am I supposed to keep track of what weight I can expect to be hitting, when I literally haven't done the movement in months? Sometimes its in gear, sometimes it's raw. Total motor pattern confusion.