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Stupid stupid question

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    Stupid stupid question

    I wanna know how many avid bodybuilders (who lift regularly and watch what they eat) drink? If you often?

    I am talking beer or the hard stuff....spill it pleeezzz.
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    Prior to the contest prep I would drink a few times a month on the weekends. Vodka

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    When not getting ready to compete I try to limit the alcohol to once a week at most or maybe once every two weeks. BUT when I do go out it's ALL OUT

    I think you can maintain a good physique as long as you limit yourself to no more than this and you watch in stay away from nachos and pizza when you drink, etc. Also I stick to vodka and water or sugar-free coolers....soetimes martinis

    Also I try to hit cardio the next day....not sure if it works but it's a mental thing for me.
    Searching for the right balance...

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    Re: Stupid stupid question

    Originally posted by buff_tat2d_chick
    I wanna know how many avid bodybuilders (who lift regularly and watch what they eat) drink? If you often?

    I am talking beer or the hard stuff....spill it pleeezzz.
    I'll include wine, since it is stronger than beer.

    I drink a couple times a month, usually three or four drinks each time. I prefer darker beers, but I also love wine. I'm a lightweight and can't handle much more alcohol than that.

    I've read countless articles that say an occasional drink is actually good for your health.

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    I am much better about avoiding alcohol than watching what I eat. I just dont have a tremendous desire to "get wasted" or feel buzzed.

    But, about once a year I may go through a 1.75L of Jim Beam along with some coke, every 6-12 months I may buy some MGD or Corona or whatever. Someone gave me a case of Corona for some computer work (friend) and I didn't turn it down, this was a few months ago I think moderation is the big thing, honestly though the more I allow myself to cheat the worse I get, the more I stay away from those temptations the less I think and care of them.

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