1) Age-28
2) Weight and Percent BodyFat- 224lbs, 19%bf
3) Years of Consistant Training experience-after 2 years of feeling like a zombie because of LowT, very little i guess. Played minor league baseball
4) Previous Cycle experience-0
5) Training routine-as of right now, boxflew max 3 and 20lb dumbbells
Diet- diet has been low calorie, high protein. Anything else and i gain weight
6) Cycle Goals- just want to loose that last 5-6% i have not been able to loose

2010 i weighed 265 and was a fat ass. By 2011 i was 199 and was in good shape but could not get the last few pounds off needed to get to where i want. Held weight right around 202-208 for about a year until i hit a wall. It took me two years and 20lbs to finally go to the doctor and see if something was wrong with me. Come to find out i have Low T. Doctor starts me on 1/2cc test c every 10 days for two months and nothing changed. Doctor upped me to 1cc every 7 days and i am on my third week tomorrow. She also gave me a script for clenbuterol and told me i could not find it in the USA but i could with over seas pharms.

My goal is to just loose body fat so will clen and 1cc of test c get me going in the right direction? I do not have access to a gym so its body weight, bowflex m3, and 20lb dumbbells. Any advice, criticism, support, ect, is welcome.