As the new guys, we have to establish ourselves. We have to give reasons why you would want to buy from us and give us a shot. So here are a few:

Quality – First and foremost, quality. Quality is huge when it comes to AAS. This is a substance you are injecting into your body. This isn't a game. This isn’t cooking in a dirty kitchen. We brew in a state of the art facility. The cook has a degree in biochemistry and has extensive experience in pharmaceuticals. He has all the equipment needed at his disposal to ensure proper brewing. He knows what he is doing and stands by the quality of his products.

Price – Pricing of steroids can turn away customers. Many sources charge higher prices in order to make higher profit. That is a risk and can cost customers. Our prices are on the lower end of the spectrum in hopes that more people will, resulting in better profit than if higher prices were used. It’s economics, really. In a competitive market, the lowest price with the best quality will sell the best.

Speed – Nobody wants to order and wait for weeks wondering if they got screwed over and lost their money. People want their package quickly. Our goal is have a reputation for being quick. We ship quickly so that any nerves of landing the pack are gone. There is no waiting game with us, you’ll be able to start soon after ordering.

Safety – Shipping without customs involved provides an extra layer of security. Domestic shipping does not go through customs and your package has a very, very low risk. Do not worry about getting in trouble. You’ll get your package safely and discreetly. We also do not use any methods that risk your safety in terms of payment. We do not have a website and we do not store any of your information on an online database anywhere. Safety is the highest priority.

Honesty and Integrity – Things can happen. We stand by our products. We want returning customers. We will do our best to make things right when a situation arises.

A person with a good experience will tell five friends; a person with a bad experience will tell ten!

We expect honesty and integrity on your end as well. We do take pictures and are aware of everything that leaves us. Being dishonest will put you on a blacklist and you will not be dealt with again. We’re honest with you – please be honest with us.

We want not only a good reputation with the customers but with the other sources as well. I don’t believe in bashing to get an edge. Bashing other sources to try and get customers shows a lack of dignity and is a sign of insecurity and weakness. I don’t do business that way.

Our goal is to provide you with an experience that has you wanting more!