So I wanted to share something with you guys, as I know most people have been in my place or will be eventually. Recently I had been dealing with relationship issues, family issues, car problems, money problems....let's sum it up to this hasn't been the most lucky year for me. I did the wrong thing to deal with this. I dropped my show (I don't regret that part), but what I do regret is o ruined my diet, training, and started drinking pretty heavily. I woke up just this morning and looked in the mirror upset with myself. All day I have been a bit down because I am not where I wanted to be with my physique. I was just pissed at myself all day. I was thinking a lot about it and realized "This IS something that I can change through my actions." This is my physique that I can do as I please with. I can continue to make the wrong choices or I can man up, face my issues and fix this shit myself. So I went to the store, got my food, and prepped it AFTER I killed the gym and did my cardio. Just wanted to share this with you guys! Hopefully it encourages someone in the future to tackle their problems differently. I wish I would have but the past is the past. Hope someone can learn from my mistakes. Thanks for reading fellas.