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Dragon Pharma now Available!! 25% off with Coupon code dra25

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    Dragon Pharma now Available!! 25% off with Coupon code dra25

    As the title says fellas, AlvGear is now carrying Dragon Pharma products! This stuff is quality all the way, as are all his products imho, but i have used Dragon Pharma from a number of sponsors, one i can think of right away, and I have never been disappointed! Anyway, we are running 25% off with their products currently...When you check you, apply coupon code dra25 to get 25% off!

    Get in on it while 25% off is going on, if anyone has questions feel free to contact me via pm or email!!

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    alv has so much good stuff to choose from he sent me some free stuff to try can not wait to get it.i dont think anybody else has as much to offer as alv wonder how many diff products he offers.i was trying to look at his site to pick what i wanted took me like 8 hours to look thru it still dont think i saw it all.and now add dragon pharm to the list just wow.

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