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Attention VIP 's!!!

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    Attention VIP 's!!!

    This place is great! Tons of great knowledge, great folks and great sources!But sometimes you have a following that takes such good care of you, that you must do something in return!!!
    AMA realizes this and would like to make an announcement!

    We have a special treat just for y'all.
    A List...Not just any list, but a special list!
    That's right! Something very special for some Very Important People!!!

    Anyone who is a VIP and in the VIP LIST stickie ONLY, will have access to this list.
    You can pm any one of us reps for it!

    Not an AMA VIP??? Wtf not???
    Well anyone wanting to join the VIP program should pm sherk for details...that easy!

    Thanks again for everything folks!
    We couldn't be here without you!!!
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