I have been using the same lab for about 2yrs now. One of my buddies finally talked me into giving NAPS a shot. I am a Tren junkie. I have used Tren from about 6 or 7 diff labs over the last 3yrs or so. I respond very well to Tren and it normally hits me pretty quick. Just so happens that NAPS had the GP TrenA as the product of the week. I decided to order 8 jugs along with some Anavar and some Winny for my wife and myself. Let me start by saying the Tren is smooth and painless. First pin I took gave me some crazy Tren cough. For me all the good Tren I have used does give me the cough. I know that you cant measure the quality by the cough but for me its normally a good indication of good Tren. I have been running 40mg GP Winny, 80mg GP Var and 60mg GP TrenA every day. I normally cruise on 250mg Test EW so that wasn't changed. I have been on the Tren, Var and Winny for just over two weeks now and all I have to say is holy shit. I have run this stack before with good results but nothing like I am getting now. The strength and vascularity is amazing. I have veins in places I have never seen before. My bench has gone up 15lbs and squat 40lbs. My body fat is dropping by the day and I look like a fucking road map in my abs and shoulders. To think I have 6 more weeks in this blast is amazing. I cant sleep and I sweat like a whore in church but its gonna be worth it.

Besides the gear being great the ordering process was simple. Gear showed up faster then the posted time frame and everything was packaged nicely. I normally order from a domestic source but NAPS got me my gear ALMOST a fast. The couple extra days I waited was worth it. I am impressed with the price and quality of GP gear from NAPS and have already made two more orders for my winter bulk.