It has come to our attention that a new sponsor here has taken the liberty of posting
our list next to theirs and breaking down the entire list down to the penny per MG. How on Earth they have the time to do this is fuckin beyond me lol. So i would like to take
a few minutes out of my day and remind everyone what WE here at AMA are all

Those that know us, know that we have not only lived up to these expectations we have surpassed them. If we wanted to cut corners on production costs in order save some PENNIES then we would, but that's not what we're about as many of you already know. Without going into too many details we choose to use the best of everything we can get our hands on, which means we DO NOT use a carrier oil that is better off used in frying some chicken or putting on a salad :hmm:. Without dragging this out I would like to thank all of our loyal supporters by offering an EXCLUSIVE VIP members only list. Sorry but we don't have the time to do an entire break down of the VIP LIST against our competitors but maybe the "other sponsor" will be nice enough to re do theirs for us?

How do you become a VIP? and how do you get this VIP LIST? Well we make that
nice and simple for you just PM any of our reps (Sherk, Freight Train, Bama, and Heavy Iron) for the details.

Now to all my fellow ALPHA'S out there. The moral of the story here is.....DICK RIDING has never been a form of transportation . So lets please be ourselves stop riding them