Alright, a bit of info about me.
29, accomplished bencher, competes in PL, Pro bench, and training to compete in the Arnold Classic 2015... have to make a bench qualifier first.

Weight current 216lbs

Weight goal: fuck either 198 or 220
Bench Qualifier needed: 445lbs at 198 or 495lbs at 220.

Last competition Max: 470lbs

Current approximate max: 475lbs off a two board

Traditional Cycle: Test / Tren / Anadrol [I swear most anadrol i get sucks]
Traditional Problems: Gyno, prolactin, sickness from Prami -- # OVER IT !

New compounds on hand: EQ / Tbol / M1T -- Never used any of the 3
Also may have some Methyltrienolone coming (anyone use it?)

Competition date: Oct 25

Theoretical goals: Low dose, long duration, peak for Oct 25. Then Cruise then blast for Arnold.

July: Test / EQ
Aug: Test / EQ
Sept Test / EQ / Tbol
Aug Test / EQ / Tbol / M1T