Ok so here is what I have as far as gear goes. PCT is not mentioned after because the post isn't regarding PCT. What im asking is opinions on how solid it look as far as dosages go. This is no where near my first cycle and I get blood work done when on every 2 months. I'm 5'4" weigh 158lbs. Looking to add at least 5-8lbs stage weight by next June 2015. The contest cycle- (have not found a legit place for hgh- PM if can help) here we go.

Ok -

47 weeks to show -

4 weeks left on PCT

= 43 weeks

I will do 20 week contest prep ( so i can grow into show )

that leaves us 23 weeks

I will do a 15 wee blast in 30 days

that will leave me 8 weeks to cruise and give body a rest

This will be my CONTEST PREP stack - id like to see 3-5 lbs growth during prep

Super supps calendar outline ­

Blast Outline

Weeks 1-8-
Sus 300/week / Tri Tren - 400/week ( at week 5 up to 600) / Eq 400/ week

Week 8-15
Sus 750/week Npp 400/week ( at week 11 up NPP to 600)

Week 16 Test E 600
Week 15 Test 500
Week 16 Test 250 and cruise into contest prep


weeks 20- 10

test E 500/week Tren E 400/week Eq 400/week

4 iu G split at 2iu twice

weeks 10­-1

Test P 75 EOD
Tren E 200/week
Tren A 100 eod
Mast E 200/week
Mast P 100 EOD
4 iu G split at 2iu twice

WIn @ 6 weeks out
Have clen, eca stack on hand