Starting NOW - We will have, what will be the VIP pricing for ALL customers. This will last about 2 weeks and will only apply to the oils. Depending on the product this is between a 10%-15% slash.


If you know me then you know I'm not much of a gimmick guy. I think the product and quality should speak for itself PERIOD and i think we do that quite well . Our new rep Heck and I have spent a lot of time talking about what he thinks is important to customers. As a past customer, I guess he would know better than me. We took a look at the price list and we have spent the past two weeks looking on how we can do things differently. I think we have made some good progress. I wasnt to hip on the "VIP" idea since most sources do this but Heck has finally convinced me. If you are interested in becoming a VIP send myself or Heckvr4 a pm. You can try Jimmy but it will probably take forever to get an answer. He seems busy playing in the Pit.