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IronMag Research Pramipexole Review

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    IronMag Research Pramipexole Review


    IronMag Research Product Review

    Purity & Potency

    Test results came back at near 100% purity & potency according to mass spec analysis. This is the highest you will find anywhere and to my knowledge, no other research company is mass spec testing each and every batch of every product they sell. This means that with IMR products, purity & potency is gauranteed at all times.

    Personal Research Experience

    As someone who is unable to research trenbolone for more than a few weeks at a time due to sexual dysfunction via elevated prolactin levels, this product was of particular interest to me. Initially, I decided to research cabergoline in order to rectify the problem, but after recieving multiple bogus products (and $100's of lost dollars) I gave up on the idea and limited my trenbolone research to no more than 3-4 weeks consecutively. At the time, I considered pramipexole, but never got around to actually trying it. Things remained this way for several years.

    However, after learning about IMR's new operation and more importantly, the strict quality control procedures on which their company would be based, I knew they were going to set a new standard in the research chem game and in doing so, it convinced me to give anti-prolactin drugs another shot. Being that pramipexole is the only anti-prolactin drug they sell (for good reason, which I will get to in a second), I decided to go with pramipexole. To be honest, I had avoided prami in the past because I felt it was inferior to Caber and because I didn't feel like dealing with the sleepiness that could potentially accompany one's reserach. However, my opinion on this drug changed completely after initiating my own research, which not only lent further credibility to my belief that one must have personal experience with a drug before being able to properly report on it, but that it was a very capable and potent anti-prolactin drug which could be researched without issue.

    Within a few weeks of research, my trenbolone related problems vanished, allowing me to research trenbolone unhindered for the first time in my life. I encountred no issues at all during this time. As an added benefit, I experienced all the other benefits normally associated with this type of research.

    Advantages of Pramipexole

    Unlike pramipexole, caberoline is unstable in solution. This prevents it from being sold as a research chem, as it is illegal to sell research chems in any form that might indicate human use (i.e pills, capsules, etc). Because of this, prami is the only new generation anti-prolactin drug sold by research companies. Although caber is a good drug, the inability to acquire this drug with a purity & potency gaurantee (unless you have a prescription) is something to be considered. Often, the caber products sold by UGLs or other online drug distributers are either bogus or under-dosed. When dealing with these companies, quality is the single biggest issue the customer faces. It is the subject of innumerable threads & posts on websites everywhere and for good reason. Why? Because, quite frankly, people get ripped off all the time and with a huge percentgage of UGL drugs being bunk, mislabeled, under-dosed, and/or suffering from purity issues, having a purity & potency gaurantee is invaluable. No one wants to waste their hard-earned money, but it happens every day in this community. When you order from IMR, you can trust that the product you get is exactly what it says in the label in the dosage indicated. The bottom line is that can either take your chances with caber and hope you end up with the correct, properly dosed drug...or buy a product which does the job just as well, but which comes with a purity & potency gaurantee.

    In addition to quality control, let's not forget legality. While many PED users have become desenstized to violating the law on regular basis, it is still nice to know that some of the drugs we research can be purchased without any potential legal ramifications. Aside from not having to worry about Uncle Sam, the legality of these products is the primary reason IMR is able to offer benefits such as a purity & potency gaurantee and fast-paced shipping. Unlike a UGL, which must have their products tested (if they test them at all) from sources willing to break the law, IMR is able to hire legal, legitimate labs to test their products, while shipping is as easy as running to the post office and dropping off an order. Of course, this also means you don't have to worry about your product being held up or confiscated by customs.

    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging is what you would expect from company like this--professional and protective of the contents. In the 2 orders I have recieved, both came within 3 days...and I live on the other side of the country from where they were shipped, so the orders must have been shipped either that day or early the following morning.

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