Why does anyone even bother, it would be awesome to have potent UG Var, don't get me wrong, but how much UG Var that's been tested, has actually ended up being var? People are going to test it, & then no one will buy it at all once they realize it's some bullsh*t mix of random things like dbol/caffeine, or something;

Drol is faked alot too; I've never been lucky enough to come across legit Drol, & it's something I've sought after obsessively, & that MLG drol was BS; I wasted over 400 bones on M's drol just to find out it ain't even drol at all..

M1T, Superdrol, Phera, Var, Drol, Halo, Primo, Proviron, Viagra, Cialis, T3, Clen, GH, etc.etc.etc. do you really really truly think that's what you're getting?

It's as if all I can trust is Tren, Test, & Dbol; & btw I am not in any way, shape, or form saying ALL UGL's are scammers, I'm just saying don't put it on a list if it ain't what it says it is; it will get tested eventually by someone reputable, & then your reputation will be shat on, savvy?

People running 100mg of Var ED? Give me a f*ckin break..

Rant: over.