Hey Everyone,

I’m sure nobody remembers me, this is Backslide. I joined a year or so ago, but recently my ISP (for some unknown
reason) took it upon themselves to start blocking email from assorted sources…
So, I made a Gmail account to fix that.

I had to make a new account just so I could give a shout out to the folks at PSL and
let anyone who is not already aware of the absolutely top notch customer service
PSL truly has.

My first time here, DieselJimmy vouched for PSL and PM’d me that they’d never
do me wrong.

He was/is 100% dead on.

However, you really cannot truly gauge how good a company’s customer service is until you
have a problem though.

Since 2013 I’ve had multiple transactions with PSL that went down flawless
and timely.

Recently this was put to the test.

I decided to order up some Blue Top HGH because I read some positive reviews
on it. Little did I know, this would be that test.

Everything seemed to be going fine, the tracking was on schedule, but for
nearly a week my package (after “clearing” customs) was stuck in “Being
delivered to its destination”… Upon following up with USPS they advised me that
my package was flagged as contraband or some crap and was being returned to

Understand now, PSL has a stated No Reship policy on their Blue Top HGH out
of China. I understood this going in, but still fired off some inquiry emails to
PSL to see what my options, if any, were.

The folks at PSL were beyond cool… “Brother, do not worry…” is along the
lines of what I got back.

They literally kept in email contact with me for ~4 weeks, until my package
successfully reached me.

I’ve got like 20 back and forth emails from PSL. All of which are supportive
and explanatory. At no time did I feel like PSL wasn’t there for me.

Even though they have a No Reship policy, since my original package was
received back, they went ahead and resent another package to me that made it

I cannot thank you enough, PSL, for sticking with me and getting my package
to me.

I know I don’t have 1000+ posts and not really any cred to speak of. I’m just
your average guy that wanted to let anyone know who reads this that PSL is legit
and won’t do you wrong.