Hey Ya'll!
Let me first by saying thank you to airbornejonny18b, who is a sponsored athlete by uncleZ, for introducing me to this site! LOVE training with this guy! He definitely knows his shit from proper lifting technique and proper nutrition.... and not too shabby on the eyes to watch lifting ;-) Boy are there some good looking muscles around here! A little bit about me: I was born and raised in the great state of MinneSODA.....LOL...yes I kind of have an accent...loved every minute of it. Grew up on a farm with an older brother, so was a tomboy but also knew how to throw on a hot pair of heels and do my makeup just right I have been in FL now for 3 years....and let me tell you it has been ROUGH! But I am thankful for all that has happened and what I have experienced because it has made me the woman I am today and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I only started boxing over a year ago after I found my boyfriend's phone that had shown me the hard proof that he was cheating on me the whole year we were together. Let's just say I told him to fly a kite! Hitting that heavy bag was such great therapy....and let me tell you...his face was all over that bag and I was cussing like a trucker! My parents always joked throughout my childhood that they were going to get me a punching bag...but never did. I wished they had because I would probably be a professional MMA fighter rather than a Nurse! hahaha but I do love being a Nurse Everyday I feel like I am growing stronger inside and out...but feel like I hit a plateau. I currently do interval training, sprints, sparring, heavy bag work outs, a little bit of jujitsu ( stopped to heal a torn peck from shrimping LOL ) worst pain ever!; and then usually lifting to end my workout for the night. So...if ya'll have any advice that can aide in breaking my plateau but yet making me a better boxer I'd appreciate! #UFCGYMCLEARWATER #TRAINDIFFERENT

Happy Training!