After a few months of taking it easy... its time to fire it back up. I historically do long cycles. But for fun I'm going to change this one up a little. Only 6 weeks this time. But 6 weeks of hard training, big eating and overuse of aas.

Going to try and keep this log clean but feel as always feel free to post nudz of your hot wifes.

The last 3 months i have been on 200-400 bpl cyp and a token deca injection.

The plan
400mg of bpl cyp
400mg of bpl deca
500 mg of bpl test prop
500 mg of bpl tren ace

Iron mag research adex as needed. Stuff is stiff and i like as little AI as i can get away with. I have never had any prolactin issues but should I need some IML is where I'm going. Might also get some cialis if the BP gets too high.

3 orange triads and a baby aspirin twice a day. That's all for other stuff. Going to try the coffee only preworkout.

246 at 6'2 today.Would like to change the scale very little. Change the pics alot!

pre pics to come after some manscaping.