So I was thinking of trying CJC-1295 DAC, because I read it is one of the most potent muscle building peptides. I was thinking of running it for a few weeks to test it out, and see if I like it better than IGF-1 LR3. I have a few questions about it first. First question, cycling is not required, just like HGH right? You take one dose a week, and micro doses throughout the day is ideal. Every week the dose doubles? I read that 100 mcg per dose is all your body can handle at one time. I don't really follow the empty stomach part when dosing, I read that if you eat food before your dose that it negates the GH being secreted. I think it meant the fat burning effects? Not too sure how it could negate it. It's subQ but I'd still like to play it safe and not go hypo by eating food beforehand. If you've tried it, feel free to chime in and tell me how you liked it, and what your results were!