5,8 195lbs bf11%

Weeks 1-4 Dbol 15mg/ Anadrol 25mg
two times daily (30/50 a day total)

Weeks 1-4 HGH 4ui in the morning (due to cost i know most will say its a waste)

Weeks 1-10 Tren e 150mg's two time s a week (300mgs a week total)

Weeks 1-15 Test E 300mgs two times a week (600mgs a week total)

Weeks 11-15 Anavar 15mg two times a day (30mgs a week)

Anti e: atrimidex

Pct: nova 60/40/40/40
and some bs pct supplement with milk thistle blah blah full of a bunch of nonsense herbs.

Not using clomid as it gives me acne more then the AAS them self's. I am not very acne prone my parents never got it i had none as a teenager i barely get any on cycle but this seems to give me some so I'm sticking with nova.

I know most of you will say the HGH is a waste or i should do it before the roids but I want to see what it will do to my body and hopefully it will produce good synergy for that month.
Also then tren is a little on low due to it being E

Im hoping to really branch out and exploded with this cycle break 200 hopefully get to 225
Then maybe 1 more bulk cycle
Finally 1 cutting cycle with a proper a 6 month hgh/tren/clen to get my BF down to around 5-6% as my final cycle and to be done with steroids for ever.

Please feel free to give me your advise concerns