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Rest days....

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Thread: Rest days....

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    Rest days....

    Would like to hear some input on what some of you think may think of my rest day pattern.... I currently work for the railroad in the track department" hardcore shit, cardio for days" on a four ten hour schedule, three days off in a row every week. My off days I hit the gym with a steady routine but during the work week I may not even get a chance to workout due to the ass whoopings at work :/. So in theory id like to know am I hindering gains with this on/off pattern? Hopefully some of you working guys can shed some light.

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    I think a cool split would be push/pull/legs on your 3 off days, really kill it. Then try and get one full body session in on those workdays. 4 days is to loNG IMO.

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    I would also do pull/push/legs and really crush it. If you can't always get another session in but you are still hitting everything hard at least 1x a week you should still make progress. Some of my best gains have been made only hitting each body part one time a week, but really destroying it, then having plenty of time to recover cometely. I have been low T for years though so maybe I just required a lot more recovery time...
    also, if your job is super demanding, are those really "rest" days anyways? I would say 4 off is too long, but if you're busting your ass at a job that is physically demanding then you're still getting exercise on those days

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