gyno concerns and first serious cycle

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    gyno concerns and first serious cycle

    hi guys,
    i am new not just on this forum but to any forum across the digital spectrum. so i dont know wat i dont know. plz help me out. i starting my third cycle but this one is after a gap of 2 yrs. my previous cycles didnt last for more than 6 weeks. this time round i am planning a 8 week cycle but not too heavy as such. 300 mg of deca for per week and 20 mg d bol ED and 500 au of hcg last 2 weeks. i am having anti progesterone for hair loss and nolvadex for gyno at hand. i have a heridatory hair loss issue. also i feel i have some gyno already coz my chest has a very wierd shape near my nipples. i wil post a pic so u can judge if i have gyno or gyno symptons already. my weight is 200 lbs height is 178 cms / 5'11 feet tall and body fat wud be 20% and i am working out for quite some time now but had taken a break so now wanna start big time. i dont like injecting my self a lot so once a week is fine. i am open to inject sustanon once a week if the need of testosterone rises so as to lower the estrogen levels. also plz tell me when shud i start using nolvadex or i need some other drug during to cycle to keep the aromatisation to minimum.
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