90 days ago I went in for elbow surgery for some torn ligaments and tendons. I have a few goals set for the next year....or until I hit my goal because giving up isn't an option! To start off I did my last powerlifting meet May 10th 2014 deadlift only due to my elbow. I planned on a full meet but shit happens. I ended up pulling my first 700lb deadlift. I plan on making the rest of 2014 a recovery and slowly get back into it full speed. 20155-2016 my goal is a 605 squat, 605 bench, and 800lb deadlift. I train both equipped and raw and learning to pull in a belt. I decided to post a log and get input for my training. This log will have video from time to time for you all to see my lifts and to make it a bit more interesting. Thanks for following!

HEAVY DAY 1 (8-20-14) WED
80% 255x 2 reps x 5 sets
Pec Flyes, Shoulder Front and Side Raises
Tricep Pushdowns, Military Press, Abs.... All accessories are 4-5 sets 10-12 reps.

I always seem like a kid that can’t sleep before Christmas when I start my routines and the journey set forth to accomplish my goals in the weight room. I didn’t get a true max on Bench due to my recovery on my elbow surgery. I felt that my 315 bench a few weeks ago was a good start and will make adjustments when needed on the percentages.

I felt good going into the workout, I stayed cautious and listened to my injury. The weight felt good in my hands and had no control issues with any reps. I think this was on the lighter side, all in all I felt good finishing the workout. I waited a day or so to write up on the workout to see if any pains or discomfort flared up.....Happy to report nothing has!