I believe I have just found the best way to use MK677.
I started thinking about it last night that no matter how much I put under my tongue, only so much gets pulled into my blood stream sublingually and the rest I have to swallow. Sublingual absorption is approximately 90% pulled along with the grain alcohol. The rest gets swallowed with only a 30% absorption rate. So, why not take 5mg every few hours to get the full 90% absorption into the blood stream?

I tested this last night and took a small dose of around 5mg which is very little and held it under my tongue for around two minutes while I made a protein/oat drink. By the time I finished making my drink most of the MK677 had fully absorbed sublingually. In then chugged my drink and went to bed. I repeated this routine each time I woke up to use the bathroom. What happened was my dreams were like nothing you could imagine, so life-like and real it was scary.

The first post MK677 dose I had a horrible nightmare where I was being tortured by a force not of this world. This is the creepy part. I shit you not. I could literally feel the physical pain of being tortured and it lasted what felt like 10 full minutes. It was terrible!

I woke up 4 hours later and did my next sublingual 5mg MK677 dose and held it under my tongue while I made my protein/oat drink, then chugged it. The same thing happened. My dreams were angry dreams where I was screaming and telling at the top of my lungs at people out of rage and frustration. The dreams were so incredibly real!!! I woke up 4 hours later and repeated the procedure again.

Another big note was the level of hand numbness was extreme. With my first two dosings I'd say I actually took more than 5mg MK677 but with a little thought I realized that only approximately 5mg was able to get pulled in sublingually with the grain alcohol.

I believe this method will give the greatest HGH output. 5mg every 4 hours or so and let all of it sit under your tongue until you no longer taste the grain alcohol or feel it's burn.

I am only using MK677 currently for HGH output. I ran out of huperzine A and couldn't afford cjcDAC, pramipexole facks me up too hard the next day. My hands were so numb last night that I'm convinced with this method MK677 is all I need, the poor man's HGH.