Well I have been doing these two things for almost a month now and holy shit it has kicked my ass. I really have taken a love for this stuff and hope I can continue it for a long time(already 36, but better late then never). On a shitty note... I have broken my toe(week 3), sprained my ankle(week 1), and now have torn my medial gastrocnemius(left calf)and have told my recovery could take up to 6-8 weeks. I already have some peptides coming my way but wish I had some real HGH for the healing instead. Any other ideas about faster healing? I told the doc I was still going to do upper body but doc said that was a bad idea. I just don't think I could take sitting on my ass for 6-8 weeks and doing nothing. Anyway, for all the MMA guys on here, my hats are off to you!