Upper lower vs ppl?

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    Upper lower vs ppl?

    Just wanting some opinions on a good program.
    Goals:some strength gain, as much hypertrophy as possible.
    Programs:lyles generic bulking, phat, steeve reeves full body, typical ppl.
    I can go anytime and I'm natty.
    Iv been lifting for 4 or 5 years, 22 years old, 5'7 175 pounds. Around 10% bf I think lol.
    Best lifts: bench press 290x3 squat 305x3 deadlift 335x3, mpress 185x3
    Critique away. I did cycle test e once, but I'm natty now and have been for a bit.

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    cant exactly critique you're doing fine with what you're doing
    Popped a dbol woo im sweatin

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