So I did a bulk purchase from maximpeptide during one of their sales and boy I couldn't be any happier.

I have torn something in my shoulder that kept the ball and the socket together and I had A LOT of pain for a long time. Went to the doctor, physical therapy, and all that. I strengthen my shoulder and now there is rarely any pain but during some workouts (like incline skull crusher) I can feel my shoulder coming out of place.

I also have to very fucked up knees (shit happens when you do bodybuilding and MMA lol).

So I started doing 250mcg of BPC157 in my shoulder and 250mcg to each knee and my knees have 85% recovered and my shoulder hasn't come out of place or has not hurt at all. It feels absolutely wonderful. I can go ape shit in the gym and keep pushing my limit (VERY carefully and with a lot of caution) and I have no joint pain or shoulder coming out of place at all.

As far as tesamorelin I started using 2mg first thing in the morning (It is the pharmacy recommended dosaging) and fat loss has been spectacular. I have been cutting for a very long time and I hit a wall. I've changed my diet and everything but still nothing like before. But since I started using tesamorelin it's been great. But I have to say that it still can not touch 100mcg of cjc without dac and 100mcg GHRP-2 3-4x a day.