I have been doing my own trt for the past few months now after being under doc. just did another round of bw and all in all pretty happy with everything except for the twins.
From what i have researched so far it appears that i might need to implement hcg into my routine. Presently pinning 50mg 2Xw of test c. Is there anyway that i can do this without me selling one of my kidneys? I am 53 so i figure if i do not get hit by a bus, there are many years left in this body.
The boys, besides the aesthetically issue of shrinking, there is somewhat amount of pain. Plus that particular hormone does play in other aspects as well.
I changed from going to the doc for trt due to costs. so far from one of the sponsors here i am pleased with my decision. just would like an alternative for the hcg i.e. obtaining it in powder form or some other ideas?

so far from what i have read here, there is not much on the subject.