30 day recap

Weight gain 10lbs so far
Sides-Acne on back...nothing else that I can determine. I'm getting blood work tomorrow.
Excellent pumps and muscle fullness

Random thoughts:
1)This product is very suppressive. I would not take this without being on TRT or having a Test base alongside the cycle. In fact, if your on some type of TRT, I would increase the Test dose during this cycle.
2)Take cycle support at night before bed and at least 4-5 hours after your last DMZ cap.
3)Don't be an idiot...don't drink while taking this product.
4)This product starts working within a week but really ramps up by 4 weeks. This is why I will continue for another 2 weeks to get the most out of my gains. I also will bridge this cycle with my pellet implant schedule. I feel good about about continuing for 2 weeks due to my health and lifestyle.
5)Eat big if you want to get big
6)Be smart and listen to your body....don't overtrain.....this can be a factor while on this product.
7)You must be very disciplined while using this product as well as others. It can be addictive. We all know the power and respect that comes with this game. You need to be smart for the long term.

This is a great product. I would stock up while you can.