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    Bone's q @ a's

    The title says it all, were running this thread over asf and now here, we had to wait for administration to lift the bans in all the forums, i wish to thank them all, and i fully understand they had to do there jobs, bones has been cleared everywhere and vindicated, its a sad day when a source goes bad, and a very nice day when a source like rc-labs takes in a hurt dawg and all his crew. These guys are great and gave me a home, and a whole lot of room to hook you guys up. I have a full pm box, i promiss to answer each and everyone, you can use this thread to ask whatever you wish, please if its about the awol source just pm me ok, i dont want to disrespect rc an anyway, he really is good people and im very happy to be here, and welcomed by all his reps, squatdaddy is also here and so is icon muscle, we are all family here now, and if your stricty a rc buissness guy you know all there reps, if your my pound hound feel frree to pm me squat or icon, were gonna be opening on other forums also that way all the reps get a slice of rc pie !!
    Thank you all the mods,members and administration that took my back 100% and cleared my name, im indebted to you guys now lets take care of buissness....


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