Is AP Gear Pharm-Grade?

For those of you who are wondering about or doubtful regarding the claims that AP gear is a true pharm-grade brand of AAS, the following may put your fears to rest. On the most recent episode of PED Radio, William Lewellyn, internationally recognized steroid authority and author of the #1 selling steroid reference guide, Anabolics (now in its 10th edition), was asked directly what he thought about the claims that AP gear is a genuine pharm-grade product produced in GMP facilities. Without hesitation, Bill went on to say how he has no doubt that AP gear is a legitimate pharmacy manufactured brand of AAS.

If WP was looking for a credibility boost, this was it. For those of you who are unaware of who William Lewellyn is, allow me to share some of his credentials. In addition to being the author of Anabolics, Bill is renowned for his work in the area of UGL steroid testing. He has been a guest speaker at high-level, international medical conferences, has been featured in ESPN magazine and Fox News Channel, and has appeared on ESPN Television, NPR News, and ESPN Radio, among others. He is a well respected research scientist, collumnist, and patent-holding inventor, while also being CEO of his own company

It looks like all the people who admantly denied the legitimacy of AP gear as a true GMP-made, pharm-grade product (and there are many), are now forced to eat crow. Anyone who has been around for a while and has followed the UGL scene has seen plenty of people come out of the woodwork, denying WP's claims. William's recent testimony, especially in combination with the recent video release showcasing the AP production plant, will make it difficult to impossible for the naysayers to continue their attack campaign against AP gear--originally started as an ignorant attempt to appear educated. With this final nail in the coffin, it looks like the AP saga is finally and rightfully coming to an end.