My Review of "The Big Sexy Post Cycle Stack" - or what I call it anyway... LOL

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    My Review of "The Big Sexy Post Cycle Stack" - or what I call it anyway... LOL

    As of now, I am about 15.5 weeks relatively hormone free (test/anabolics/hgh) - I am on 300mg of test per week as prescribed but that is it.

    When I got done with my shows I came off everything and like most people I felt like i was getting stronger... that lasted for about a month... over the next month I struggled to lift near the same amount of weight I did before (really struggled) and just didn't look NEARLY as good as I have in the past (while running ON during the off-season).

    So a little under 2 months ago... i started up what I am dubbing... The Big Sexy Post Cycle Stack... don't ask me how I formulated to take these four products ... but I did. Osta-Rx, Anabolic Matrix, Ultra Male and Cycle Therapy. I don't know the exact point that things started to change for me - but over the last month I would say my strength has come back, my arms have swelled back up and I actually feel like I'm back on... I feel like I have more of a libido, I take less naps, my workouts I feel like I have more interest in them rather than a ho-hum attitude.

    And all my muscles look a lot fuller now - kind of like when I'm running on... and I believe I have gotten leaner over the last month as well.

    this time I have been taking an extended maintenance/recovery period working with Matt Porter on my nutrition. Feeling it is a good idea to clean out my body and to restart... with these products - all together - I feel I have been able to extend this recovery period even longer, make some gains during it, not lose (which is important) and will make my GROW season when I start a blast phase that much more effective.

    If anyone wants to get these products - which I fully endorse for this purpose - use Sabrina Taylor's Discount code - Sabrina15 to get 15% off...

    I don't think this stuff is MIRACLE product that kicks in and lights you up - but these, combined together seemed to work well and kind of just elevated me over the time I took them.

    I attached some recent pics of me (yes with filter but whatever lol) (The pic with the actual STACK is older though)
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    IronMag Research 15% Discount Code: Lou15

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