Placed an order recently from them - domestic, and my order shipped within 3 days neatly packed and super discreet. Literally tbought what came in was my new hard drive until I opened then package and see the gear.
Pinned my first round of orange juice on Fri. last week, and once again today, the prop hurt like a mother since I went in raw with a dull needle (all my fault) but got my shoulder pin in and almost no pain after heating the vial up.

No complains, was already sweating MINUTES after my first pin (excitement maybe? idk!). Got in a solid leg workout the day after and was feeling the tren. Usually people say around week 2-3 stuff gets real, and its true as this isn't my first tren+test cycle, but I feel more effect now than I did before on a slightly lowered dose than I ran before.
Another important note, they respond QUICK and professionally and nicely.
Overall man, RC Labs got it going on, stay strong guys this is a no bs unprofessional review not holding back on any information. Hit them the hell up! Also I'm in no way affiliated with em, just a super satisfied customer.