With many sources moving into the DNP scene, we didn't want to lose business to the guys providing DNP.
Instead of reaching out in hopes to blindly find DNP to supply you guys with or to find a random DNP supplier, we've locked down a deal yesterday with the King of DNP - Dinitro.
Simple google searches of 'Dinitro's DNP' 'DNP from dinitro' 'dinitro dnp' will bring up YEARS of results and praise for his products.

Dinitro currently runs www.DinitroMelt.ru and he has contacted us on IMF the other week asking if we'd be interested in carrying his DNP, but ultimately we didn't want to add DNP and have to go into the responsibilities of making sure people run it safely. But, with customers seeking it, we've decided to reach back out to him and we've managed to lock a deal down with him yesterday.

The pricing of his DNP will be the same as it is on www.DinitroMelt.ru and his shipping costs will be factored in it.
His DNP isn't the 'cheapest', but it's the highest quality on the net and the additives and steps he takes to formulate his caps, make him worth the extra .50 cent- $1 a cap.

He is going to be providing his DNP exclusively through us.


The capsules we provide are 250mg of lab-grade crystal (sodium dinitrophenolate), not industrial powder. Added to this 250mg of DNP is a combination of antioxidants and fat-burning compounds (Most other sellers use corn starch filler).

To make it clear: the DNP crystal totals 250mg (that's 220mg of active DNP and 30mg of the sodium salt crystal), PLUS the blended compound.

Using lab-grade crystal also produces faster effects with fewer sides. The most common feedback I get (other than "this stuff rocks!") is "why don't I feel as hot as when I used so-and-so's product last year?" It's one the benefits of sodium (crystalline) DNP that makes it so much more desirable, and also very hard to acquire (it's three times as expensive for me to buy as industrial powder--yuck!). I have never had a customer try my crystal and conclude that they preferred basic powder and go back to it, and 90% of my business is repeat buyers.

Crystal is more expensive, but DNP is a powerful material and must be manufactured with precision and experience; using DNP is not the time to search around for "bargain basement" third-world options. It is worth it, I believe, to spend for top-grade crystalline DNP made in a clean laboratory, rather than industrial-grade powder. The lab that supplies me sells to nobody else; you simply will not find this grade of clean, fresh custom-produced material from any other source. And if you DO find a source offering crystalline DNP, chances are they're selling MY stuff anyway--I'm usually the original source who supplies it to them!

Dosing is accurate according to digital scale measurements. We use a mixing formula that we've repeated hundreds of times for years, accurate down to the milligram every time, so dosage is consistent in every batch. (Like all sources, we too have competitors who occasionally go onto boards and post dishonest negative comments about my product, so we just wanted to address it on the record for your assurance).

Our DNP is compounded with an antioxidant/energy-stimulant blend in concentrated dosages that protects cells, prevents formation of free radicals, and improves your physical response to the product. DNP is not damaging to the liver or other organs, but adding my extra ingredients is a nice healthy feature.

Ingredients include: Taurine and Sulbutiamine (a vitamin B analogue) added for energy and mild euphoria, to counter the lethargy/misery of DNP side effects! You'll find these two ingredients in over-the-counter stimulants like "five hour energy" and such, although admittedly my product has a lower dose of this just because we can't cram much more into the capsule.

TriMethylGlycine. TMG lowers levels of plaque-forming homocysteine and raises levels of SAMe, and it's a powerful antidepressant and anti-arthritis substance. In the liver, TMG helps metabolize fat, and increases detoxifying liver enzymes and antioxidant glutathione levels. Adding TMG to DNP is helpful because it helps mobilize fats into cells as an energy source; if DNP is the fire in the fat-burning furnace, TMG shoves in MORE fat as the fuel.

L-Carnitine increases the use of fats by the liver, which further boosts the effects of DNP. Adding this plus TMG to my compound helps the product work BETTER while also adding some cool health benefits, too!

We do not have any inactive ingredients in our compound blend. ALL of the compound--every grain--is a deliberate inclusion. There is NO corn starch filler or useless bulk powder; 100% of the ingredients crammed into each capsule is functional and will improve fat
loss while protecting your health.