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    Bulk Order Discounts

    I'm a new customer I've had good experiences with Steelgear.net and okay experience with Texxgears.eu. Texx gave me a really bad episode of MRSA which required hospitalization for 4 days... Anyways I'm looking for a new source and I'm thinking of trying a big stack, HGH, Tren E, EQ, Sus, Dbol 4 weeks, Anadrol 4 weeks, then Anavar 8 weeks to harden up with Aromasin EOD. PCT
    HCG for 2 weeks then Clomid and Nolvadex for 4 weeks.
    I'm estimating this 16 week stack to cost more then $2000.00
    Also is there any chance of you doing Moneygram in the future. It costs a lot less then WU.
    I will be posting results for the stack here, muscleguru, and eroids with pictures. Maybe do a lab corp lab test too
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