Hey Friends, 
I am looking for advise for my 3rd cycle. First past history -
* Lifting from past 8 years. Started taking supplements from 5 years. 
* Currently 5' 11''.. weight 80 Kg, 180 pounds. 11.5% bf. Age 29. Turning 30.
* First cycle in Feb 2011 . 10 weeks 400 mg Test and 250 mg deca. Majorly Bulking and cutting in end. Gained decent size. Side effects: Moon face and Acne on back and shoulder. No hairloss from cycle though I am prone to hair loss.
* Second cycle in Sep 2012. 500 mg Test E 13 weeks. Mainly cutting. Gained lean muscles while cutting bf from 11% to 7.5%. Side effects: Severe Acne but mainly on upper back and hands. Very emotional days in PCT and after. No hairloss or major moonface. 
Had AC shoulder injury in April 2013. So left away from lifting for long. Lost all gains.  Now lifting light. Still not 100% comfortable. 
Now planning to run 3rd cycle. Aim is to make lean gains while cutting fat to 8%.
++My plan++
Week 1-5 - Sustanon 500 mg a week with front loading 500 mg in first shot.
Week 6-12 - Test E 250 mg a week.
Week 1-4 Anadrol or Dbol. Advise? 
Week 1-10 Equipoise 400 mg a week or Deca 250 mg a week. Mainly for shoulder healing and some anabolism.
Week 6-10 Tren A 75 mg. Every other day. Advise? 
I will be running Glucosamine Chon. MSM and Fish oil 3 mg for joints.
Liv 52 and Vit E, Pottassium, Chromium along the cycle.
Arimidex 0.25 mg everday from week 2 till PCT. Cabergoline 1mg a week.
PCT: 17 days after last shot. Clomid, Nolvadex for 4 weeks. Would like to get advise on dosage. 
PCT additional: Tribulus, Ginseng, creatine and D Aspartic Acid after PCT.
Also, would like to get advise on usage of HCG for the cycle. Dosage?

All expert info on cycle are welcome.. Thanks a lot.