Hey Fellas, I'm set to run Msten for a 30 day cycle. I've run Hdrol, Epi, and Epi/Tren cycles before as well as multiple Mk-2866 cycles. I'm pretty stoked about running this cycle. I have a question with regards to stims. I have diagnosed narcolepsy and take 10mg of adderall once a day. A pretty low dose but with pre w/o does the trick for the whole day. Sometimes I'll have a redbull free too, 12oz. I ran into immediate trouble on the Epi/Tren cycle with HBP sides. Probably a bit of a pussy with them but didn't want to test my luck so I discontinued my adderall for the cycle. It was pretty rough. I'm not a coffee drinker simply for the fact I don't like it i.e. taste. If I discontinue my adderall for the Msten cycle will I be ok to have a cup or two of coffee ED? Or a redbull? Maybe a silly question but I know someone here can point me in the right direction. Thanks for the help.